Palaeography Class – Commentary Félire

During the class Medieval Celtic Palaeography, students transcribe material from Irish manuscripts and encode them into XML according to the TEI guidelines, and following Burghart and Pierazzo’s online manual for digital scholarly editions.

The encoded transcriptions are semi-diplomatic, closely following the manuscript lines, but expanding most abbreviations. Latin sections within the Irish have been marked with the element <foreign/>.

N.B. These transcriptions are created in a BA class environment. The current transcriptions therefore present a learner-based approach, aimed to make more previously unedited material available to a wider audience. For that reason, this should not be considered a definitive edition of the material, and the transcription should be checked against the manuscript if used for individual research purposes.

Class of ’22/’23:

The Palaeography class of ’22/’23 transcribed and encoded the Commentary to the Félire Óengusso from Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Rawlinson B512, ff. 59v-60v. The material relates to the following days from the Félire: 11 March – 24 April. Some of the material transcribed has not been previously edited in Stokes (1880) or Stokes (1905).



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